Create Your Company Culture Around The Humans Who Built It


There has been a lot of discussion on company culture in the last year. With some of the negative, toxic and even deplorable behaviors in companies coming to light, there seems to be this large question mark: How do I create or maintain a positive culture for my employees?

Most leaders I’ve worked with want to create a great place to work by driving the inclusion of thought, behavior and action. I have seen many companies with these great intentions, but they become blocked when it’s time to execute. Others don’t even know where to start. Why is this so hard?

Companies are in a constant state of change, and properly managing people through that change is what makes or breaks a company.
— Kristy McCann

The thing is, it’s not hard unless you make it hard. There are so many research reports and studies about what to do and what employees want from their companies, and all of this can lead to overwhelming leadership, overload and analysis paralysis.  

My own guidance comes from Simon Sinek, and it revolves around starting with the basics. The human basics of heart, listening, feeling and learning. Much like our evolution as human beings, we are still evolving to refine and redefine the ways in which we all work together in workplaces. Often, I see genuine intentions backfire when companies try to over-architect and over-engineer basic practices.

So, where do you start? You start with the humans -- the people who have created and made your company.

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