Learning From Mistakes: 10 Things Beginner Leaders Should Know


You’ve probably heard that old saying, “hindsight is 20/20.” Those words could never be more accurate than when it comes to mistakes made early on in a career.  When you have the drive, the tenacity and the knowledge to make a mark in your current position, it’s all too easy to think you’ve got it all figured out.

Having been an HR leader for 15 years, I wish I had taken more risks and explored other areas of business
— Kristy McCann

But experience matters and mistakes happen, no matter what your stage in life and in business. And while not all of them are avoidable, knowing where some of the dangers lie can help you cruise around some of the more common mistakes by learning from those who came before you. Good business advice is hard to come by, so try not to ignore it when it is offered freely.

Below, 10 members of Forbes Coaches Council discuss advice they wish they’d known about earlier in their careers, something that they now regularly share with all their clients. 

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