Stop Rifling Through Talent And Start Investing In Their Development


Did you use a No. 2 pencil when you were in school? After filling in some bubbles on an exam, that pencil started to get dull, right? Sometimes it even broke! What did you do when that happened? Did you throw it away? Replace it with a new one? Or did you sharpen it, bring the point back and keep moving?

If you’re always looking for new people to replace your current people or you need to keep looking for new people to replace people who are leaving you, you’re trying to solve the wrong problem.
— Kristy McCann

We live in a society of consumerism, and our default state of being is to keep acquiring things. If we’re conscientious, we use something until it no longer works, and then we buy a new one. We rarely try to fix things — if things are even made to be fixed anymore. We can see the impact of this mentality not only in the way we buy things but also in the way we approach work.

We’ve seen this on the employer side as well. Companies invest millions of dollars in talent acquisition services and technology. But how much do they invest in employee retention? Do they invest in learning and development? When an employee shows a dip in productivity or a gap in skills, do they throw that employee away for a new one, or do they sharpen them back up again?

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