What Would She Do? Feedback Framework

Danielle Virgin has a podcast called What Would She Do?, which she describes as:

Interviews with women from different backgrounds and in different stages of their career sharing authentic and real advice around moments women are encountering in the workplace and decisions that we must face in their career. Anything and everything from navigating pregnancy in the workplace, to transitioning from being a manager to a leader, maintaining and managing your "nice-ness" or the age old debate, can women really have it all? 

The best reinforcement is feedback.
— Kristy McCann Flynn

Danielle is "a Program Management and Operations junkie." Her thirteenth episode features our CEO, Kristy McCann Flynn, and the discussion revolves around delivering and receiving feedback, change management, reinforcing overarching goals, and how to be a change agent within a company. No matter what, feedback has to be delivered repeatedly in order to make changes happen and to keep them in alignment with the company and its intentions.

"The best reinforcement is feedback." This isn't just about leadership feedback, but about team feedback as well. Reflection sessions provide an opportunity to have larger discussions around an effort. These reflection sessions can facilitate conversations about how people feel and why they feel that way. It's very important to have discussions around what people feel.

Set aside a half hour and check out this podcast. There are great examples about real situations that were difficult for both Kristy and Danielle.

Anthony Garone