Aiming For The C-Suite? Follow These Leadership Tips To Move Up The Ladder


Depending on the size of your company, aiming for a seat at the leadership table can look like anything from your next big step to your journey to Mordor. You might be at a smaller company with a shallow organizational structure or at a larger company with 20 layers between you and a C-level exec. If you've got aspirations on getting there, how do you get started?

Thankfully, Forbes has gathered a council of coaches who've been there, done that, and are ready to share their wisdom. And our CEO, Kristy McCann, is one of the contributors to the article. Here are the major areas of consideration:

  1. Develop your team

  2. Know how to lead and when to follow

  3. Continually educate yourself

  4. Develop your listening skills

  5. Learn how to prioritize tasks and manage your time

  6. Create a personal feedback loop

  7. Learn your organization's dynamics

  8. Develop assertiveness and flexibility

  9. Know how to transition between levels of analysis

  10. Build the right relationships

  11. Develop your personal brand

  12. Understand your own strengths and values

  13. Demonstrate value in your decision making

Leadership is not about doing but about motivating people to deliver in ways that are beneficial for all.
— Kristy McCann

It looks so nice and easy when it's itemized like that, but each of these types of competencies take years of crafting and development. While it can be developed through individual study and practice, we highly recommend working with a coach who's able to remain objective and talk you through the journey.

The Forbes article is quite in-depth and lengthy, so we highly recommend you read the original article and absorb the 13 different takes on moving forward and upward.

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