Why The Chief Human Resources Officer Is The True Hand To The CEO


We keep hearing about the "war on talent" and the "workforce skills gap" in the media. What does this mean? Are these real phenomena or something else?

GoCoach CEO, Kristy McCann, recently spoke at a conference where she found out that more than half of the 200 HR department heads did not report directly to the CEO. If there's a real war on talent and a major skills gap, then why wouldn't company leadership look to HR through a direct reporting relationship? Is it because they don't see HR as a C-level priority?

If you don’t have a CHRO at your company, it’s likely you don’t have the best insight into your people or culture.
— Kristy McCann

HR functions are becoming increasingly critical to business operations. Kristy recommends a Chief Human Resources Officer position, or CHRO, as a way of managing through this war on talent. In her Forbes article, she lists the qualifications of a good CHRO and how a CHRO can be effective in an organization.

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