Amy Miller


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Teamwork, Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence, Communication, Career Readiness, Change Management, Leadership, Decison making

New York City

I am driven by the belief that we each have the power to move toward greater alignment between our work, values, and vision for the future. It is important to me to support professionals integrating their work and personal lives and creating healthy work environments.

As a licensed clinical psychologist and coach, I am skilled at helping others articulate their thoughts and feelings in order to navigate their professional journey. Together, we explore opportunities and plan within the context of the client’s individual challenges and strengths.

My approach to coaching is influenced by my experience in clinical psychology, political campaigns, and nonprofit organizations. I specialize in working with professionals to manage change within a job, to plan an unconventional career path, or to begin something new. I am passionate about working with creative, ambitious, innovative people who are ready to move forward.

I enjoy providing a confidential outside perspective and safe space for clients to clarify their vision, plan a course of action, try out new things, and hold themselves accountable.

I have lived in New York City for over a decade and currently live in Brooklyn. I grew up in San Diego, and graduated from UC Berkeley and with a Psy.D. from the California School of Professional Psychology in San Francisco.

When I came to Amy I was feeling very frustrated with the job searching process. Amy was able to help me transform my anxiety into aspiration. In working with Amy, I was able to go beyond planning out what my next job would look like by challenging myself about what I really wanted, and giving myself permission to plot out how to achieve my goals. Having this clearer vision made me feel much more confident and in control, and I strongly recommend Amy’s services to anyone who is struggling with this often times very  difficult transition.
— Ariel Herrlich, Market Research Manager
When I came to Amy for help with next career moves she was able to brilliantly walk the line between being a grounding force and an inspirational guide at the same time! She helped me to dream big about what I wanted to do while always holding me accountable to the practical and helpful next steps I needed to do day by day to bring that vision to reality. I would not have made the progress I did without her support.
— J.L., Educational Consultant
Amy brings an outstanding, versatile perspective of practical real-world experience and problem-solving. She’s an excellent communicator who goes above and beyond to help others—and I’m very grateful that she has helped me. Her thought process, conversations, guidance and recommendations are detail-oriented, while realistically focusing on what can be implemented in the short-term and long-term. I would highly recommend Amy for your coaching needs.
— C.S., Marketing & Communications Consultant