Andrea Clough

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Seattle, WA

Are you a leader whose knowledge in the technical field is sought after and you have great depth in the industry that you work in? Where would your potential as a leader take you if you would have similar people and business skills? Now it is possible to have both.

Meet executive and strategic coach, Andrea Clough, owner of Xplor To Xpand, LLC. She is working with Engineering leaders from around the world to translate their strong technical skills into powerful people and business skills. When partnering with her, her clients go from feeling challenged in their ability to share the same message across different audiences (communication skills), from struggling with finding feasible innovative solutions that satisfy business strategies (critical thinking skills), and from falling short in building teams where each member is collaborating with each other (trust and engagement skills). Yet, the results that follow consistently change her clients' careers and impact their personal lives: strong working relationships that are built on mutual respect and understanding, confidence and knowledge in sharing their thoughts through impacting conversations at all levels of the organization including external customers, and collaborative and inclusive work environments that support people to be creative and to perform together without conflict.

Clients choose Andrea because she gets Engineers. She brings a diverse combination of expertise and experience that few executive and strategic coaches can match. For the past 10 years she has been working closely with various branches of engineering at two major industry leading companies in software and in aerospace development. She is a systems thinker and has experience working in Finance, HR, Business Operations, Procurement and Strategic Planning. She is trained and has a passion for developing and delivering successful strategies while bringing the people along the journey to implement long-term changes.

She holds a Certified Professional Coach credential from Invite Change and has been accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

What sets her apart, besides her successful corporate career, is her background, her innate ability to connect with others, and her way of thinking. She was born in Europe, speaks four languages, and has traveled around the world. Working with global leaders as a coach is her passion, and the energy that she brings comes through in everything that she does. She is curious about what you do, how you think, who you are and creates the best safe place for deep and meaningful discussions while keeping it also funny and simple.


Since my coaching with Andrea, I’ve redirected my career goals to a much more people focused path. I spend nearly all of my time working with the individuals on my teams, building and maintaining relationships, and directing those relationships to creatively craft a new future for our greater organization. In this, I find my time at work much more meaningful and satisfying, and look forward to everyday as an opportunity to live a purpose I believe in.
— L.C., Engineer at Boeing
What I like and appreciate the most about Andrea is her ability to help me see new perspectives in any given situation. When it comes to dealing with conflict, it can feel like I am running on the same race track over and over again, so it is very refreshing and useful to get unstuck from these strong old patterns and try some new ways in looking at things. Andrea is really good at creating that space where these kind of shifts can happen.
— I.H., Chief Operations Officer at a company in Sweden