Andrew Moss


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Startups, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Strategy, Social Enterprise

Toronto, Ontario Canada

Andrew's mission is to help people at all stages of their career realize their full potential and live a life deeply connected to and inspired by the impact they make every day.

He brings 30 years of coaching experience, coaching Olympic athletes, high-performance coaches and leaders, and most recently, startup and social venture entrepreneurs. Andrew's elite sports coaching background means he understands the thorough planning and focused execution required to perform at your best, while at the same time having deep empathy for the often uneven road to fulfilling one's true potential.

His peers and former clients describe him as a "Champion of Human Potential," based on his unwavering belief in his clients and his ability to see opportunity where others don’t. He has helped hundreds of coaching clients over his career.

Andrew lives what he coaches, seizing every day as an adventure with new stories to be explored, and always seeking new ways to bring added value to his clients.

Certified Coach, National Coaching Certification Program

Andrew has been an incredibly valuable coach in helping formulate the vision and direction of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Exchanges. He helped push for a clear and unifying vision, ensured we stayed focus on mission critical tasks, delivered relevant and helpful guidance and focused on getting things done. His coaching is integral to our ongoing success. Without his continuous and around the clock commitment and dedication to IEE we wouldn’t have made nearly the level of progress we have. Andrew will help turn anybody’s or any organization’s ambition into action.
— Ben Jones,
Andrew is a true coach and excels in all aspects of the role. He has an invaluable ability to support and provide guidance while empowering individuals to develop and reach the right decision for themselves. He does not shy away from a challenge and demonstrates tireless dedication and loyalty to all of those around him. He is focused, determined, and will have a profound impact on the entrepreneurial landscape in Canada. Simply put, he is the person that everyone wants in their corner.
— Jay Krause, AquaMobile
I had the pleasure of working with Andrew this past year and got to see single-handedly his expertise in motivation and business. Andrew is the embodiment of a Success Coach. His team player attitude and ability to always motivate you to do your best, no matter the situation, are rare skills to have. Andrew was able to lead and mentor 60+ freshly graduated students into their first jobs. He never let us settle, helping us to see our true values in the workplace and leading us to perform at our best, always with a supporting smile. Andrew will always put someone else’s tasks ahead of his own as he is happiest when his team is successful. If you have the opportunity to see Andrew’s leadership skills in both business and talent acquisition, I can’t stress enough to take it.
— Jessica Kim, Clearbanc