Anthony Garone


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Software Development, Technical Management, Creativity, Communication, Self Awareness

Phoenix, Arizona

Anthony has more than 20 years’ experience in IT and software development. His first 15 years were spent in educational technology beginning at a large K-12 school district, then at Arizona State University, and finally at Pearson where he was responsible for global operations over dozens of products. He found his entrepreneurial side as an executive leader at a digital marketing agency managing teams, products, and partner relationships. This gave him the confidence to start some of his own ventures.

At Make Weird Music, he interviews some of the world’s most creative artists, hosts and promotes concerts, and performs music with his lifelong heroes. At Kensho Education, he coaches and delivers training to hundreds of professionals, develops training courses on self-awareness and self-actualization, and creates training programs for companies. At Jargone, he’s trying to rid the world of crappy job descriptions full of mind-numbing jargon.

Work with Anthony to develop yourself as a technician, technical manager, or a department head. Learn how to better understand yourself, your values, and your interactions with others. Build a strategy for your future and create meaningful relationships through a powerful network.

I feel like I’ve been given the cheat codes to life.
— Caleb V., Phoenix, AZ
Working with Anthony has increased my confidence to develop meaningful relationships with my leaders and colleagues.
— Sumy J., Phoenix, AZ
The focus on bringing my best self to any situation has been such a simple theme, yet helps me focus and has amazing results.
— Heather L., Phoenix, AZ