Ben Williams

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Change Management, Entrepreneurship, Executive, Leadership, Management, Operations, Product, Sales, Software, Startups, Strategy, Teamwork, Technology

Philadelphia and NYC

Ben enjoys helping people get innovative, in the areas of operations, product development, technical management, product management, business strategy, and enterprise business development. Yeah, the list goes on. He enables individuals and organizations to make better decisions, faster, and all with an eye to building great businesses.

Ben is an Award-winning Entrepreneur, Technologist, and Leader. He specializes in developing new products, building organizations around those products, and taking them to market. He has done this in large organizations as well as startups, including Venture-backed and Fortune 100 companies.

He likes to spend his time trying to keep up with subjects like engineering, product development, and business at large... and in his admitted finer moments: debating the merits of espresso and classic sci-fi. On his journey, he ended up a father, combat veteran, Div I track athlete, a men’s league rugby player, and alpine mountaineer.

Ben’s leadership radiates from him. He has a way of commanding a room’s attention while also putting people at ease with how fully he listens and how open he is with advice. I have worked with Ben for almost a year and it’s always a pleasure to have him come mentor our up and coming startup talent. If the next wave of startup does are half of what Ben is as a leader in his company and the community, the NYC tech scene will be in good hands.
— RC - Startup Institute
Ben is one of the best, if not the very best, leaders I have ever had the privilege of knowing. He is capable of breaking very complex tasks into actionable steps, empowering others to do their best work, and instilling a sense of confidence and faith that the mission will be a success. He knows a lot about a LOT of things, and at least a little bit about pretty much everything. He intimately understands the emotional, financial, and psychological stress that starting a company requires, and can help people to focus on the things that are within their control while finding ways to bring the uncontrollable to bear over time.
— PB (Reelio)
Ben has become a friend, trusted coach and advisor to me and by extension to Cienaga Systems, as we’ve worked through the complexities of bootstrapping a high tech company in a low tech part of the country. All along Ben has acted as a sounding board to important decisions and offered extremely valuable suggestions on a variety of matters surrounding early stage financing and strategy. His input is always valuable, coming from the fresh perspective of an outsider who is unencumbered by the trees to see the whole forest.
— IM (Cienaga Systems)