Bill Sycalik


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Technology Management, Team Dynamics, Communication, Experience and Change

Denver, Colorado

Though his experience delivering technology and business change projects, Bill has helped people and teams articulate their goals, structure their thoughts and develop a plan for success. But, Bill believes we are all adventurers. He speaks often that calculated risk taking is not just for those with a seeming predisposition to embracing uncertainty. Change is for everyone! Bill helps enable growth by working with the individual or team to take the big idea and distill it down into achievable parts. He encourages action which pushes aside limiting beliefs and the introduction of structure which facilitates discipline.

What form the adventure takes – a promotion, a career change, a round-the-world trip on a bicycle - is different for everyone. The one constant is that to answer that call we must change. Bill can support you in making that change, answering that call, starting that journey. Bill’s own recent adventure took him from a consulting role in New York City to running 52 marathons in 15 months in all the U.S. National Parks outside of Alaska.

I met Bill during my transition back to work after taking a sabbatical and moving to a new city. I worked with him to think more strategically and long-term about my career choices. He encouraged me to think about what I wanted out of my career, my dream position in or outside of my field and the path for success.
— J. Blumenthal - IT Professional