Fiona Syms

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Transformation, Change Management, Project Management, Problem Solving, Executive, Emotional Intelligence, Teamwork, Communication

Raleigh-Durham, NC

Fiona is a specialist in leading mission critical IT, mergers/acquisitions, and transformation projects helping organizations design and implement process improvements and enterprise transformation. She can start a project from inception or quickly jump in and revitalize an ailing project.

She has extensive experience in Consumer-Packaged Goods and Automotive industries and broad knowledge in Human Resources, Finance and Supply Chain functions.

Fiona has a direct and practical approach, creating order out of chaos by taking concepts and turning them into executable plans, adding structure and processes while avoiding bureaucracy. She is passionate about ensuring the people element of any initiative is top priority in the drive to deliver results. People are a company’s most important asset.

Outside of the corporate world, Fiona is a lover of animals. She enjoys horse riding and volunteering at animal shelters and believes animals create balance in her world. 

After 20-years of employment with a great company I was given the chance to “Pursue New Opportunities”. Although I knew I had great skills and experience, I struggled to understand exactly what interviewers would be looking for in a candidate. Was I portraying myself well? Did I properly articulate my skills, past work experience and added value? Well, let me tell you. I WAS NOT!…

Fiona easily and confidently articulated exactly what employers would be looking for not only in the resume review phase but most importantly during the interview process. Fiona made it as simple as following a few steps to ensure I had an outstanding resume and the much-needed personal confidence when the interview process would start. And within just a few weeks of doing online applications, I was called by a “really good” company, screened, set for a second interview and they even made the comment “you are the best candidate so far”. I never realized it could be that easy! I would recommend Fiona to anyone as a career coach, she will absolutely be there for you.
— TH, Technology
Having never had a formal coaching engagement I approached my first opportunity with some skepticism. I was looking for material that was more concrete with no fluff, particularly being in an operations leadership role where delivering tangible results daily is the norm. Fiona was the perfect coach for me, possessing both the background to understand my world and additional experience to better contextualize the problems I wanted to solve. Listening well is truly a mastered skill and Fiona is amazing at this. After hearing me talk through my goals loosely, and very conversationally, she was able to reframe the core points in a way that helped me articulate them better to myself. From each coaching session I walked away with short-term action items to focus on until the next session, such as how to work through tough people issues more effectively or how to prioritize high-impact and urgent problems, while keeping perspective of my longer-term career development goals. Fiona was instantly relatable and accommodating to my perspective, but at the same time was able to confidently present counterpoints or objections that gave me more food for thought. Overall, my coachee experience was great and I would recommend Fiona to anyone looking to grow in their careers or navigate different career choices.
— IR, Technology