Gretchen Grottenthaler


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Career Readiness, HR, Communication, Leadership, Mindfulness

New York/Long Island, NY

Gretchen believes that success and satisfaction can be achieved by combining skill and passion with action. When you are true to yourself, seek that which you enjoy, BELIEVE that you are worthy, be aware of and adapt to your environment and take steps every day in the direction of the life you want to live – you will achieve your goals.

Gretchen encourages and empowers individuals to identify their resistance points, slay their own obstacles and do what they didn’t think was possible.

With 20 years of Human Resources experience and a lifetime of health, fitness and wellness engagement & coaching, Gretchen is a true adviser in and out of the workplace. As an internal Business Partner and an external HR consultant, she has insight into various industries, business operating models and companies of varying sizes. This diverse view allows her to understand how different businesses, and the relationships inside those businesses, work. She has extensive experience advising leaders and employees on identifying personal and professional competencies and adapting to find successful outcomes within their multi-faceted career and relationship frameworks.

Although a trained professional, Gretchen is not immune to the challenges life can throw at us. Her humility, relatability and belief in always landing on her feet are the characteristics that resonate with her clients and help them achieve success. Always maintaining and projecting a positive, growth mindset, she demonstrates the philosophy to which she personally subscribes and coaches.

Gretchen is one of those rare professionals in consulting. She is genuinely eager to learn about your area of business, background, short and long terms goals/needs and provides high impact partnership. What makes her special is her passion, willingness to go the extra mile to deliver results and her authenticity.
— Seda Prezioso, Executive Director - Talent Management, The Estee Lauder Companies
I have been fortunate to have Gretchen as my friend and coach for the last 6 years. Gretchen has been a blessing for me delivering critical insights, guidance and support which has kept me focused in my personal life, career and health and wellness. She has such a positive impact on me!
— JeanMarie Napolitano, Managing Director, Dimensional HR Solutions
I had the pleasure of meeting Gretchen a few years ago through one of my colleagues. Since that time, Gretchen has assisted me numerous times in finding the right talent to fill some of my critical roles. Gretchen is a true professional, dependable, passionate and a pleasure to work with. She has always demonstrated a high bar for talent and an even higher bar for herself. It has been an absolute privilege working with.
— Theresa Pauzer, Chief People Officer, 1010data