James Franz


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Career Readiness, Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Management, Mindfulness, Operations, Sales, Startups, Strategy, Teamwork, Technology

New York, New York

James Franz is a client services specialist with a proven track record of exceptional performance in any customer-facing role. Core competencies include sales, account management, customer success, support, and on-boarding. He brings a customer first perspective informed by years of experience in enterprise SaaS working with high profile clients like Brookfield, BBC, MSN, NY Times, and hundreds of other happy partners around the world. Experience with deals ranging from $25k-$1m+, 600+ customers across 70 countries, and teams ranging from 1-20 people across four departments, James has supported startups from series A-C and helped facilitate a $30m round of series B funding.

James is looking to support the effort of individual contributors hoping to level up by learning better working habits, organization, and communication skills. As an experienced team lead, managers can leverage James to access insights into how to better set up their teams for success, have tough performance management conversations, and master the art of proper expectation setting. And at the executive level, James can help with departmental collaboration, advocacy, and assist in creating predictable, repeatable KPI improvement plans.

Trained in CEB, Gap Selling, and John Barrows methodologies, James' additional areas of experience include web analytics & development, education, real estate, automotive, hospitality, retail, food & beverage, and interior design.

I just got promoted to Senior CSM and wanted to thank you because it wouldn’t have happened without your coaching and support! I really appreciated your guidance on communication, your help in goal setting and tracking performance metrics, and your overall approach. It all really helped me become who I am today. You’ve helped so many people here at Chartbeat advance their careers - I’m so grateful to be one of them.
— Nick Herzeca - Senior CSM, Chartbeat
I’ve never worked with more skilled Customer Success & Onboarding teams than those managed by James. Every time I closed a new client I knew that his team would onboard, support, and grow the partnership. It’s important to set the right foot forward with Enterprise accounts, and his teams consistently impress and keep them coming back for more.
— John Murray - Strategic Account Executive, Tubular Labs
James is, where do I begin…as a sales person he’s a unicorn. He’s technically adept, a great listener and has real sympathy for the needs and reality of his clients. He brings value to every interaction, always with clarity and excitement whether it is for education, collaborative problem solving, or presenting new tools or with new prospects. He was fantastic at the intersection of internal teams and clients, helping to shape product developments in very significant ways by being an effective voice for the present practicalities. If I were on the other side of the table James is the kind of person I would prefer to buy from and even negotiate with.
— Brian Merz - Team Lead, Field CSM East, Box