Jason Jovanis


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Sales, Career Readiness, Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, Management

New York, NY

I love to help people get moving again. It’s easy to get stuck. If you see yourself as an individual contributor, often times it’s working through the tactical when you’re stuck, here I coach you through the objection handling, probing skills, closing tactics, etc. If you’re a leader, we can work through strategic value propositions, plan designs and understand how to coach your people into their absolute best. In fact, when we work together, my commitment to you: is to coach you towards always being better.

If you’re looking for a hands-on coach that will dig deep with you to get to the exact nature of the issue & get things moving with empathy and a sense of humor, you found the right person!

I started The Jovanis Group in 2018 after a 20+ year career where I led B2B sales teams from SMB to Enterprise with average deal sizes from $2k/year to $1M.  Now in the service of my clients, I do boutique styled search and career placement, and coach them in art and science of killing it in the SaaS space.

Jason is truly one of the best leaders I have ever had the pleasure of managing and working with. He possesses the unique balance of outstanding technical expertise, detail mindedness and a connection to his people that only comes through great listening, empathy and ability to push them to do more than they even believe possible.
— Janice Nearen-Bell, HCM Growth Consultant
Jason’s exceptional ability to elicit the best out of people is where he truly shines. His honesty, friendship, professionalism, and outstanding communication skills enlist an extreme level of loyalty from those surrounding him. Coupled with his propensity for pragmatic, logical and critical thinking Jason can distill even the most complicated tasks into the simplest of terms and lead his team to an outstanding result.

I’ve worked for Jason for 5 years but it always felt like I worked with him. Much of my progress and success is a result of his teachings.
— Ari Margulies, Founder/CEO