Jennell Jones


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Leadership, Executive, Teamwork, Diversity & Inclusion, Change Management

Jersey City, NJ

Jennell Jones is an Executive Coach and consultant specializing in helping executives reduce stress, improve leadership team performance, retain diverse talent and prepare leaders for future roles. She also helps executives successfully settle into new roles due to promotions or mergers.

Jennell is best at helping executives who are desperate for change to get the results they seek by helping to identify old habits to break, creating new perspectives and shifting knee jerk reactions.

During the last several years of her corporate career, Jennell spent most of her time creating strategies to identify and develop high potential leaders. She worked in leadership and executive positions in a variety of industries and cultures including pharmaceutical, commercial real estate and media. She has also done and currently is doing coaching and consulting work for non-profit organizations.


She has an uncanny ability to ask thoughtful, questions, provide candid feedback and a unique ability to offer insights on a diversity of situations.
— LC, Leader of Field Sales, Fortune 50
Over a short period of time, my career path trajectory was impacted by my work with Jennell. She was able to identify the themes that were preventing movement and worked with me to create a new narrative. Through her coaching, I was able to pinpoint (a new) opportunity.
— TH, VP, IT Mid-sized business
I’ve been working with her for only a few months, and yet she has already helped me to change the landscape of my business. She can fully support you while simultaneously holding you accountable to your behaviors & choices - with nothing but your success as her goal. She has fast become my most trusted advisor.
— TR, CEO, Small Business