John A. Bushfield


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HR, Leadership, Communication

Atlanta, Georgia

With over 30 years of experience functioning as the chief HR executive in a variety of industries, John has a broad understanding of professional and organizational development in rapidly changing environments, primarily in Technology, Telecommunications and Healthcare. Organizations include Cypress Communications (Sr. VP), NetEffect (CPO), MindSpring Enterprises/EarthLink (VP), and Medaphis Corp (VP).

John has been an early adopter of technology advances to scale the HR function and improve its efficiency and effectiveness. He has actively participated in over 50 merger and acquisition transactions, leading the people diligence pre-close, and developing the integration strategy upon completion of the transaction.

In addition to his corporate experience, John has a diverse entrepreneurial background, having launched and managed an animation studio producing children’s entertainment, as well as forming and operating a commercial recycling company. In all of his endeavors John’s leadership style has emphasized compassion, integrity and accountability, helping those around him work collaboratively and purposefully to meet their goals and objectives. He often remarks: “none of us, individually, are as good as we all are collectively.”

Over the past 10 years John has focused on helping individuals achieve their career goals, especially when they have been impacted by a Reduction in Force.  “It can be an overwhelming experience, at a minimum, and downright frightening for most” says John.  He adds: “career development, regardless of situation, is an essential component of one’s profession, which both employees and employers need to pay attention to”.

I am excited to have an opportunity to write a few words about John Bushfield. Losing my job was unexpected and unsettling, however, working with John helped me put things in a positive perspective. He didn’t just look at my resume and say, “this is what you need to change”. He spent time getting to know me and what I really wanted to do to make a positive impact for myself and the world.