Karl Stewart


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HR, Teamwork, Management, Mindfulness, Startups

Brooklyn, NY

Deeply rooted in understanding how a healthy self blooms in organizations and in boots on the ground work at several companies in working with leaders to create healthy workspaces for employees to thrive, Karl is a dynamo. Seekers treasure his enthusiastic values-driven practice in sales, media, hospitality, tech and design agency companies. Coachees deepen their engagement in the full employee experience of onboarding, intrinsic performance, managing up and graceful transition/exit. Groups thrive from expert and engaging training facilitation from manager/leader level to front line staff. Excellent leading of retrospectives of big team pushes to deadlines. Excellent at improving dialogue between people and streamlining workflow processes. Top individual performer, welcome authentic, articulate communicator and fantastic listener.

Karl was an integral part in shaping my career goals right from the start. Having just started a new job when working with Karl, his guidance and expertise has me exploring all aspects of my current position and how I can perform at my maximum potential. Karl’s Work Well Group coaching gave me the confidence to explore the opportunities within my current position and has set up a strong foundation of success for the future.
— H. William Cyphers IV, Client Services, Digital Marketing/Advertising
In addition to being a great career coach, Karl has been an inspiring life coach to me as well. I have worked with Karl for the past 5 months first in a 10 week Work Well group setting and currently on an individual coaching basis. The results have been extremely positive. As a freelance filmmaker, I carry all of the responsibility of creating and finding my own work. Karl helped me answer important questions about my career and personal goals, has taught me new techniques to help build and refine my business, and he has helped me define and pursue my dream job as a filmmaker. I highly recommend him as a career coach to anyone whether you are seeking your first job out of college, want to improve the current job you have, are looking to change careers, or want to go after your dream job. Karl’s knowledge, skill, motivation, and character WILL help you get there.
— Vinny Randazzo, Freelance Filmmaker
Since 2006, Karl Stewart has consistently provided me with advice, support and network contacts that have proved valuable to my success. His wide network allowed me to nail my first job with BET Networks, where I flourished as an Executive Assistant and later producer of the network’s award-winning campaign for youth voter awareness - YOU(th) VOTE! Throughout my tenure at BET, Karl provided me with coaching services that stretched my belief in what was professionally possible. His ability to think outside the box (when it comes to careers) prompted me to really hone in on what I did well and create a job tailored to my talents; an atypical gig that positions me as a strong candidate to shape the future of online media. But what’s more rewarding about Karl’s coaching style is that he doesn’t TELL those he coaches what to do for a better tomorrow. Instead, he listens and provides short prompts that allow them to figure out what their next steps to success should be. I left his coaching sessions feeling personally empowered, confident and able to connect the dots before making strategic moves toward my ultimate goal(s). I would HIGHLY recommend Karl Stewart to anyone who is looking to find clarity in who they are and who they want to become professionally.
— SianPierre Regis, Film Director