Kelley Black


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Strategy, Emotional Intelligence, Change Management, Communication, Diversity and Inclusion, Leadership, Mindfulness

New York City & Atlanta

Kelley is the Founder and CEO of Balancing the Executive Life. She founded Balancing the Executive Life, an organization dedicated to helping senior leaders achieve work/life balance through soft sills including EQ, intuition, leadership communications, heart-centered leadership, meditation and taking Naam Yoga principles off the mat. 

She is a NYC based Advisor, Strategist, Resilience coach and Performance Enhancer for executive innovators and their teams. Her extensive experience as a Naam Yoga and meditation teacher as well as in business, branding and communications and life provides her clients with a unique combination of metaphysical wisdom and the practical substance that is her work.

She is committed to bringing a heart-centered consciousness to her clients and elevating how they lead, love and create conscious impact in the world. Her heart of innovation presentation at Business Innovation Factory (BIF) in 2016 had innovators lining up to speak with her. She is committed to helping her clients consider their whole selves as they evolve into more conscious leaders and people. 

In 2002, Kelley shook up the business world by incorporating energetic principles and metaphysics into her coaching methodology. She also understands the differences between how feminine and masculine energies intersect helping bridge the gender divide to create optimum collaborative strategies. She helps her clients eliminate overwhelm, make change their ally and attain their highest operating state. 

She holds multiple certifications in Naam Yoga and Meditation Levels 1-3, Harmonyum Healing Levels 1-3 and Classical Pilates. 

She has helped clients from a wide range of organizations including Cox communications, Klick Health, WIT, AIG, Working Mother Media Group, Independence Care System (ICS) and For Days. 

Kelley and I met at the request of a client who asked each of us whether we would be willing to work together to help them with an intractable blend of strategic and leadership challenges. The company’s founders wanted a blend of strategic, business operations, and executive coaching skills, and thought that together we could provide them.

It’s a challenge for practitioners, each with decades of experience but differing backgrounds, to work harmoniously, but Kelley’s openness, ability to see a question from many angles, and depth of experience made it easy for us to understand each other’s point of view, establishing the basis for a powerful and creative partnership. And Kelley brought unique strengths essential to the success of the engagement: the ability to sense an executive’s moods and motivations and the steeliness to share difficult truths with our clients—in just the way they could best learn from them. Her professional dedication to the client’s needs was remarkable, exactly what was needed to manage the several crises over the two month engagement. I could not wish for a better partner—to ensure the success on the client’s behalf, to learn from, and to work with.
— Christopher Meyer, Founder and CEO NERVE LLC, Author, Standing on the Sun
Kelley has managed to do what few executive coaches and advisers do: She has fused best practices in management and leadership with a powerful system to help executives win the inner game by being more relaxed, tapping into peak performance, and overcoming overwhelm in chaotic times. Many experts get fluffy when they enter this territory, but not Kelley. She has developed a system that works with executives in some of the largest, most complex, and most dynamic companies in the world. If you want a comprehensive system to better performance and coping with the challenges of your leadership role, Kelley is the best person to contact.
— Kelley’s proprietary coaching methodology is recommended by Harvard MBA and Center for Executive Coaching Founder, Andrew Neitlich
Kelley is successful in her work because she is extremely knowledgeable, personable and easy to work with. She is motivated by a desire to support others in their professional development as well as assist them in strengthening their executive level skills in service of the organization with which she is working. She also possesses strong analytical skills that enable her to develop and implement solutions to complex organizational problems.
— Regina Estela, Chief Operating Officer, Independence Care Systems