Kevin Petry


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Sales Training, Sales Strategy, Business Strategy

New York, New York

Kevin is a Sales process expert specializing in B2B & B2B2C customer acquisition, retention, and revenue growth. Translation, it's all about more new customers, keeping them, and growing the relationship! In order to do so companies need effective, repeatable, scaleable sales processes. When proper processes aren't in place, the cost to acquire customers rises, churn increases, the pace of growth slows, and both top and bottom line suffer! In living the business as an individual contributor, team leader, executive, coach, trainer, and advisor with companies at all stages and size, seed to mature, Kevin has experienced a great deal.

Having lived the challenges many companies face and having traveled the road to success they seek, he gets it! Working with organizations and their teams that can benefit from those learnings, applied to the world they live in today, enabling them to better control their destiny moving forward is what he does.