Lily Salem

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Career Advancement Persuasive interviewing Professional Branding Executive Presence

Los Angeles, CA

Lily brings a mindful, proactive, and strong presence to her coaching practice with a degree of rigor and warmth that is both inspiring and empowering for clients to ultimately become “their own coach”. Her specialty areas: supporting veterans, former professional athletes, and women, to leverage their strengths as they seek career advancement and leadership positions.

Over two decades of coaching, advising and building leadership skills as an educator, Lily offers expertise in partnering with candidates from diverse backgrounds to accelerate their career success. Lily later experienced the life of an extended or repeat career seeker, relocating four times (for family reasons) within five years. By putting her own advice to work, she knows firsthand how to move tactfully in a way that brings great rewards.

She's adept at advising quantitative professionals in a business setting, who seek to build their executive presence, or, supporting recent grads with persuasive interviewing skills across all disciplines, and coaching all levels of professionals with a solutions focused approach. Lily partners with professionals to address both immediate career needs and interests as well as how to craft success for the long term.

The key turning point in her career was when she decided to build a comprehensive coaching mindset in her early during her years as an undergraduate student. The home she grew up in, in Santa Barbara, became a shelter for homeless families. She returned to this home to work alongside social workers and families coming out of chaotic situations: including spouse abuse, addiction, and job loss. Lily encountered a driving question that pushed her to break barriers throughout her own career and support others: How can these very residents get a vision for career success just as my family had for me growing up in this same home?

Lily has since earned two graduate degrees in Counseling and Leadership, supported former foster youth in higher education and career success, and partnered with candidates across technical degree programs that traditionally do not have a large campus career services. Today, Lily has broadened her specialty areas to supporting veterans, former professional athletes, and women to leverage their strengths as they seek career advancement and management.

Landing most recently at a top tier, globally recognized campus in downtown Los Angeles, Lily works with world class case trainers, employers and fellow advisers to support candidates in a top 20 business school. Beyond the job, Lily co-leads a community organization, Women in Big Data So Cal founded by executives at Intel with whom she closely partners to support women and their allies for career advancement through chapters all over the world.

Lily truly loves her job, and this enthusiasm transforms the often-dreaded and somewhat mundane task of updating a resume into a fun, thought-provoking and interesting exercise. Her passion and energy show through the personalized attention that she gives every [client]. Lily is extremely knowledgeable in career coaching- she pushes [clients] to expand.
— A.L.B., Former Manager at SalesForce and Founder of a Non-Profit, Forbes 30 under 30
Lily is a bright, articulate, hardworking, and competent professional. She has a keen sense for addressing and solving problems. She is well liked and respected not only by her peers, but also by her superiors as well as her clients. She works in a collaborative manner and she has a good sense of humor. Her ethics are above reproach and her work habits are exemplary.
— By whoM.M., Retired Education Director