Matthew Burgess


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Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, Management, Mindfulness, Product, Teamwork, Strategy, Purpose

London, UK

In work and in life, the Itch brings the seed of change. It’s my mission to help it grow. I’ve coached people with Itches across strategy, operations, L&D, legal, marketing, digital, production and creative roles. I bring a diversity of thought and an imaginative empathy honed over a twenty-year career spanning media and music and innovation, most recently in a multi-disciplinary role for global broadcaster Discovery. I’m experienced in the process and practice of creative leadership and my own Itches have taken me all over the world.

Not everyone feels the Itch. But I believe those that do are the untapped potential within every organisation. Right now, companies need the curious. The ones who ask “what if?”. Those who believe there has got to be a better way. Though they can be misunderstood or marginalised, these are the ones with the potential to modify and improve our worlds. Make them different. Make them better.

If you feel a tingle of recognition reading this then let’s talk. My purpose is to empower people like you to unlock the great work that I believe you are uniquely capable of. And it starts by finding out what makes you Itch.

Matthew is like a natural-born jeweler: he knows how to polish away doubts and self-blocks and brings out your true shine. Gently. Patiently. But relentlessly, with dedication and love.
— FA Business Transformation
Having a truly me-oriented forum where I can be vulnerable, speak and think candidly without judgement ... has been a very enriching experience. I’ve spoken to people about our sessions and they have all noticed how energized I am... There are so many nuanced benefits I have gained from our coaching sessions.
— AJ Digital Strategy & Marketing