Nik Davis


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Change Management, Emotional Intelligence, Entrepreneurship, Executive, Leadership, Management, Strategy, Teamwork, Career and Life Change

Midlands, UK

First and foremost Nik is a mother, home-maker and 'change maker'. She has a portfolio career, all underpinned by one core philosophy - The Third Way. 

Nik is passionate about finding a way for us all to live more sustainable lives, the 'Third Way'. To help us all re-define what success looks like, to live more authentic lives, to be whole and to be able to reveal our vulnerability knowing it will be met with compassion.

Nik's Third Way manifests itself in several ways. She is a transformation consultant - helping organisations achieve the 'seemingly impossible'. Nik translates complex problems and aspirations into do-able solutions. Nik is also a partner in The Intelligencia Club - redefining business networking to help curious and courageous leaders make genuine connections and she is a writer and vlogger on a variety of subjects including organisational transformation, mental health, the menopause, grief and leadership to name but a few. 

Nik recently returned from a career break which she took to focus on her children and recover from PND, but also experienced grief, discovered what mortality really meant and learnt a lot about life. 

Before her career break, Nik was a business transformation consultant with Deloitte. Nik then left to start her own successful consulting company, N2 Consulting. Nik is genuinely motivated to help organisations and people find a more meaningful way to ‘be’ and create an environment to achieve the 'seemingly impossible'. To help organisations become a place where people choose to work, deliver purposeful outcomes and are able to be their ‘whole’ selves . 
Nik is a proactive advocate of the management philosophy 'Teal'. 

Nik grasped my story very quickly and immediately got to grips with my financial problems with a clarity and logic that I found incredibly reassuring. She has worked with me on complex spreadsheets including reviews, production forecasts, financial forecasts, management systems and coached me on how to address my investors. In fact everything I need to go forth and multiply! I am also delighted to say that thanks to the business plan she helped me create I have been nominated as a finalist in the CLA Rural Business Awards. Nik is never to busy to say no to my questions and is on hand to help all with a sense of fun and enthusiasm...
— Suzannah Starkey, The Extraordinary John Starkey Apples
I particularly enjoyed working with Nik Davis. She has a clear understanding of key issues facing our business and brought a very welcome challenge to the project design. We certainly benefited from her broader expertise and appreciated her flexible approach whilst still being committed to delivering....
— Head of Procurement, Major UK Retailer