Priya Gopal

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Communication, Executive, Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Strategy

New York, NY

Ever wonder how some people always exude charm, confidence and charisma? They always know the right things to say, are clear about what they want, and get the jobs and opportunities that we only dream about. This is what we call as executive presence -- and the good news is it can be developed through effective coaching.

This is what Priya Gopal does as an executive coach who specializes in developing all areas of leadership such as effective communication, executive presence, stakeholder management, personal branding, charisma and confidence. With more than 15 years of corporate communications and PR experience launching million dollar brands and navigating tough regulatory environments,

Priya helps clients like you achieve their business and personal goals, become effective communicators, and be seen as leaders. Priya is passionate about working with women who are in leadership roles as well as those who aspire to become leaders and leverages her personal journey and experience to help clients achieve success.

Priya is CEO of Prisept Strategies, which she founded to serve clients in an authentic and inspirational way. She is based in New York City but works with clients across the US and globally.

Coaching with Priya has been simply amazing. Priya has helped me build my own brand and develop my vision while keeping me on track and accountable to my goals. I love that Priya is very supporting and motivational in the process. Her professionalism really comes through in our conversations and the guidance has been greatly appreciated. My journey of exploration is far from being over and I am happy I have a great coach by my side who thinks of what is best for me and keeps pushing me to achieve more and make my dreams come true.
— SK, Human Capital Business Partner, Global HR Company, California
Priya is genuine, warm, smart, savvy, and is a true facilitator in that she puts the focus on the client. Her experience in communications is clear as it’s hard to learn executive presence without a strong model. Priya’s energy and experience make her a strong coach.
— Meg R., career coach and education professional at a university, New York
Priya was patient and supportive yet kept me accountable every step of the way as I worked to become a better presenter. Thanks to her coaching, I feel more confident making presentations to our executive leadership team and have received positive feedback from my executive team and peers.
— RH., Assoc. Director, global pharmaceutical company, New Jersey