Robyn DeLuca


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Work/Life Management, Maternity Leaves and Returns, Stress Management, Career Readiness

New York, NY

Life as a working parent can be overwhelming in the beginning, the middle, and the end. When they’re babies you’re in survival mode – getting work done on very little sleep. When they’re teens, you play the tug of war between project deadlines and shuttling the kids to their activities. And after they leave, it can be a challenge to rediscover your needs and wants – professionally and personally.  

Dr. Robyn DeLuca helps women negotiate the multiple roles they inhabit at all stages of their lives so they can have the kind of career and home life that align with their values and goals. Specifically, she coaches women on career transitions, maternity leaves and returns, creating work/life balance, and stress management. Using the expertise she’s developed in her 20 years as a psychologist, she combines evidence-based solutions with the common sense of a mother who’s been there. 

Robyn believes that by spending time reflecting on your professional and personal goals and creating workable strategies to achieve them, you can put yourself on the road to a happier, more meaningful and satisfying life.

Ph.D. in Health Psychology (Stony Brook University), Advanced Diploma in Coaching (NYU), Certified in Bringing Baby Home Program.

If you want to get through your return to work from maternity leave, Robyn is the coach for you. Together, we sorted out my jumble of thoughts and emotions to establish realistic goals. She helped me see how I could change my own thinking (and that of others) to manage the mountain of responsibilities I faced as a new working mother. I highly recommend Robyn to anyone struggling with these issues.
— Barbara S., Product Manager, Professional Networking Company
Dr. DeLuca was an amazing, much-needed coach that I had the privilege to work with while I was getting back on my feet after maternity leave. She not only had a wealth of information, experience, and research that helped to make me become a more effective working mom but truly understood and empathized with my situation at the time. I gained so much insight and helpful, practical tips through her sessions. Dr. DeLuca is warm, understanding, and an expert in this niche but very important field. I recommend Dr. DeLuca for anyone who is planning to become or is currently a working parent for any support needed in such a critical chapter in their lives.
— Rena Yi, People Analytics, Linkedin