Building a Strong Feedback Culture

Have you been asked to give feedback, but are not sure where to begin? How often do you receive feedback from your team and/or manager? Is feedback a normalized part of your organization’s culture? Do you feel comfortable sharing feedback directly within your company?

Companies with a strong feedback culture invest in talent. They provide an environment in which employees feel comfortable voicing opinions, sharing ideas, and influencing business decisions. Everyone’s voice is valued, so everyone wants to contribute.

A strong feedback culture is critical to the growth and success of an organization. Providing a safe and positive environment where employees can freely share and receive feedback will help employees grow and perform better.

But a feedback culture can’t simply be created — it must be shaped. So how do you build toward consistent behaviors that encourage employees to give feedback by default?

This recorded resource focuses on how a feedback culture impacts employees within an organization. Our panelists represent HR leaders from different types of organizations and will each share unique perspectives and experiences.

Our expert panel includes:

In this discussion, you’ll learn more about our panelists experience giving and receiving feedback and building a feedback culture in an organization. They’ll share more about what has worked well for them and what hasn’t. Whether you’re curious about learning more, it’s your first time cultivating a feedback-rich environment, or you’re seasoned on the topic — all can benefit from this lively discussion. Our goal is to offer insight into how you can improve now and over time from experts across all different industries.

What you’ll learn in from this webinar roundtable:

  • Why a feedback culture is so important when growing your organization.
  • How to build the right framework to cultivate an ongoing commitment to interpersonal feedback.
  • How to build a safe environment that normalizes the process of giving and receiving feedback within your organization.
  • What resources are available to you to help your employees through feedback that is received.

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