NEW YORK, April 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — GoCoach has seen record growth in its first year in business, surpassing expectations and bringing professional education to all.

Since GoCoach launched in April 2018, the company has coached hundreds of clients in the B2B and B2C space to upskill themselves in both hard and soft skills, and own their careers. After a groundbreaking Q1 that showed 268% growth, the company has its eyes on significant expansion into both new and existing clients in 2019. Earlier this year, GoCoach launched their mobile application on both iOS and Android, and are continuing to invest in their technology and coach community to make learning accessible to all.

GoCoach continues to maintain its competitive advantage through a highly engaged coach community of over 100 coaches and through dedicated clients who are embarking on a journey of learning, growth, and change together. The future of learning and the future of work are happening now, and GoCoach is uniquely positioned to help their clients be prepared and see meaningful impact that coaching can bring to their organizations.

“The coaching space is not new – we at GoCoach have brought the fractured market of coaching together to make coaching accessible and affordable for all. We are not first to market, but best to market. We continue to focus on lifelong education for all, which drives the diversity and inclusion of all us in our workplaces.” – Kristy McCann, GoCoach CEO

About The Companies:

  • GoCoach provides personalized learning so companies can empower the people they hire and retain them.

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Organization: GoCoach
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