Maximize Degree Value With Marketable Skills and Career Coaching

Support students and alumni by embedding in-demand skills acquisition and career coaching into your academic and outreach programs.

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Work is changing fast. Are your students ready?


of recent college graduates are underemployed

— Inside Higher Ed

more than

3 in 4

employers want colleges to emphasize critical thinking in real-world settings



of business leaders believe college graduates are prepared for the workforce

— Gallup

Prepare students for careers; increase alumni satisfaction.

GoCoach’s Higher Ed Career Coaching classroom-to-workforce platform builds in-demand skills, scales your career services program, and helps students get the most out of their degrees.

Career Centers at Scale

  • Complement and scale your current career offerings
  • Improve First Destination rates
  • Support alumni engagement and outreach with access to lifelong learning

Self-service Platform

  • Take guided workforce skills assessments
  • Access personalized coaching, course, and goal recommendations
  • Increase equity by offering standardized business skills to all students
  • Allow students to view their progress and achievements

On-demand Career Coaching

  • Access a global, multilingual network of over 250 career coaches certified by ICF, iPEC, CTC, NYU, Columbia
  • Use a structured career pathways mapping approach to translate academic programs to specific opportunities

Build In-demand Skills

  • Embed skills badging and career coaching into academic programs, capstone projects, internships, co-ops, or alumni platforms
  • Help students “sell” themselves to employers with competency-based skills badging with resume integration
  • Streamline processes with LMS-integrated course delivery
  • Increase degree marketability by building skills employers want on day one

Measure and Improve Student Outcomes

Prepare your students for a dynamic, exciting world of work.

  • Use the admin portal for institution-wide analytics on skills gaps, goal progress, and engagement
  • Track acquisition of new in-demand skills and measure content interactions and increase alumni engagement by providing ongoing career support
  • Support retention by demonstrating real-time degree progress to students
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In a crowded marketplace, your students will stand out.

GoCoach brings applicability to the college degree in a way that complements what students are learning while providing the skills employers want. GoCoach makes degree programs — and graduates — more marketable through on-demand coaching and courses in everything from hard skills in Sales, Product, and Marketing to soft skills like Leadership, Communication, and Emotional Intelligence (just to name a few). With GoCoach, they’ll be ready to thrive.

With GoCoach, your grads are ready to take on the world.

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