Learning and upskilling for all

From career coaching to management development, programs that build skills for the future.

Learning and Development at Every Level

Learning and Development should be for everyone because everyone has talent to develop. GoCoach can help at all levels of your organization. Technical training for individuals, new manager training, team/group training, or business strategy for executives  – our platform does it all. We have everything you need to prepare your people to thrive now and in the future. Choose the option that works best for you!

Personalized coaching

Personalized Coaching, Quality Content

Give your employees impactful, personalized development.

  • Combine high-touch, personalized coaching with quality, on-demand content for a complete learning experience that drives results.
  • Develop continuously with customizable coaching sessions that target each learner‘s gaps and goals.
  • Support diverse learners with assessments, proprietary content, learning community infrastructure, on-demand e-learning, and badging/certification for new skills.

Flexible Programming

Connect and respond to your employees’ evolving needs and goals.

  • Choose your mix of coaching services and content modules — we’ll help you design the program that’s right for your organization.
  • Learn, connect, and upskill together in group sessions or in focused one-on-ones. 
  • Scalable to meet your company’s current and future goals.
Co-workers looking at tablet

Powerful analytics

Select the right coach to unlock each coachee’s potential

  • Pair your employees with hundreds of coaches: our matching algorithm and coach interview process ensures a perfect fit.
  • Meet learners where they are, bolstering retention and reducing apprehension. 
  • In-platform scheduling and feedback keep learners engaged and on track.

Measurable Results

Clear and actionable analytics and insights

  • Track your progress: Use our skills assessments and engagement surveys to demonstrate behavior change and continuously improve your L&D programs.
  • Intuitive engagement and visibility analytics enable you to proactively adapt to shifting employee climates.
  • Data-driven insights empower you to iterate and optimize your company’s program for maximum learner benefit and participation.