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Priya Gopal

Communication, Executive, Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Strategy

New York, NY

Annette Palmer

Emotional intelligence, Entrepreneurship, Change Management, Leadership, Communication

Birmingham, West Midlands, UK

Amelia Kruse

Career Readiness, Change Management, Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Entrepreneurship, Executive, Leadership, Management, Mindfulness, Marketing, Startups, Strategy, Teamwork, Creative

New York, New York

Todd Giannattasio

Marketing, Communication, Strategy, Startups, Entrepreneurship

Waldwick, NJ

Karl Stewart

HR, Teamwork, Management, Mindfulness, Startups

Brooklyn, NY

John Hyde

Career Readiness, Change Management, Teamwork, Strategy, Entrepreneurship

Stamford, CT

Gina Lepore

Culture, Executive, Strategy, Leadership, Change Management

New York, NY

LaToya Lyn

Career Readiness, Emotional Intelligence, Sales, Startups, Technology

Brooklyn, New York

Rosemary Castillo

Business Development and Sales Enablement, Leadership, Relationship Management, Team Building, Learning and Development

New York, NY

Jennell Jones

Leadership, Executive, Teamwork, Diversity & Inclusion, Change Management

Jersey City, NJ

Karen Weeks

Change Management, Teamwork, Leadership, Management, Startups, Professional Development, HR, Career Transition, People Management

New York, NY

Kristina Leonardi

Career Readiness, Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Executive, Leadership, Management, Mindfulness

New York, NY

Shana Dressler

Leadership Development, Change Management, Teams and Digital Transformations, Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Career + Value Alignment, Career Readiness

New York, NY

Ellen Cohen

Leadership, Employee Development & Engagement, Executive Presence & Reputation, On-boarding, Communication Skills, Team Building, Corporate Culture, Emotional Intelligence, Productivity/Effectiveness, Career Development/Next Steps, Conflict Resolution: How to Work with Difficult Bosses/Colleagues, Developing Leadership Skills, Engaged Teams & High Achieving Employees, Building Influence, Personal & Departmental Brand Building, Stress Management/Building Resiliency & Wellbeing

Los Angeles, CA

Jordan Hendin

Career Readiness, Change Management, Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Management, Mindfulness, Product, Sales, Startups, Teamwork

New York, NY

Andrea Clough

Communication, Executive Leadership, Technology, Change Management, Career Development

Seattle, WA

Lily Salem

Career Advancement Persuasive interviewing Professional Branding Executive Presence

Los Angeles, CA

Tracy Stone

Communication, Leadership, Management, Startups, Business Strategy

San Francisco, CA

Kelley Black

Strategy, Emotional Intelligence, Change Management, Communication, Diversity and Inclusion, Leadership, Mindfulness

New York City & Atlanta

Gretchen Grottenthaler

Emotional Intelligence, Management, Communication, Leadership, Mindfulness

New York/Long Island, NY

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