Navigating Change Management

Have you ever been told about an initiative that you didn’t know was happening? Or not understood why your company was pushing a big organizational change? Has your team ever been thrown off guard by an announcement of change?

When businesses need to make significant changes, the steps taken to implement those changes can make a big impact on how the change is perceived and embraced by employees. On the one hand, a successful change effort that gets people excited can improve the business and on the other, a poorly communicated change effort that lowers morale can hurt the health of the business.

This recorded resource focuses on how change initiatives impact employees within an organization. Both when they’re done well, and when they fail to achieve the desired results. Our panelists represent change agents from different levels and types of organizations and will each share unique perspectives and experiences.

Our expert panel includes:

  • Karen Weeks – VP of People at OrderGroove
  • Tina Allen – former SVP, People + Culture at the 4A’s
  • Fred Leong – Head of People at dv01
  • Joe Dubow – former SVP at Corporate Risk Holdings
  • Carmen G. West – former Sr. Director of Global Cultural and Talent Operations at McGraw Hill

Our panelists share stories about their experience navigating change management and lessons they’ve learned along the way. You’ll learn what’s worked well for them and more importantly, what hasn’t. Whether you’re curious about learning more, you’re experiencing change within your organization, or you’re a seasoned change agent — all can benefit from this lively discussion. Our goal is to offer insight into how you can improve now and over time from leaders at some of the best, most innovative companies in the world.

What you’ll learn in from this webinar roundtable:

  • How to build the right framework to ensure success for change initiatives.
  • How you can be the best change agent within your organization — no matter your role, size of your company, etc.
  • How to be empowered to embrace change and help others in your organization buy in and join you on the journey.

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