Communication, Change Management, Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Teamwork, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Sales, Creativity, Startups, Mindfulness

New York, NY

April is a high-energy business growth consultant, executive coach, and facilitator with a deep passion for helping her clients tap into their undiscovered talents and strengthen their personal brand. In her unique approach to coaching, she combines the principles of improv and business to help them overcome negativity and internal obstacles that are holding them back. April gives her clients the tools they need to move their careers forward, achieve their goals, and become the best version of themselves – ultimately becoming more confident, resilient, and adaptive.

Her clients find her insights invaluable and her energy infectious. April has a unique ability to connect with people and build trust immediately, push them outside their comfort zones, and motivate and inspire them to improve their performance and effectiveness at work. She prides herself on her ability to identify innovative solutions, foster collaboration, and navigate the complex situations that are necessary to have a happy work life.

April brings more than 20 years of experience in the advertising industry working with top ad agencies, including Grey, Publicis, and BBDO, as well as rebrands for PBS and CNN. Her work has involved launching new businesses, developing brand strategies, training, leading sales teams, and creating a positive company culture. She has worked with clients across multiple industries and levels, relying on her versatility, tailored approach, and entrepreneurial talents to develop strategies to uplevel their skills in leadership development, sales, presentations, team dynamics, storytelling, radical candor, and conflict resolution. April is committed to her clients’ success and thrives on helping them find the clarity and perspective they need to succeed in business and in life.

She is currently the president and founder of Raise Your Game, where she arms companies with strategies to drive sales, improve communication, and increase their competitiveness in the marketplace.

“April is an enormously capable, knowledgeable, passionate, and dedicated mentor, coach, and consultant. She goes above and beyond the call of the duty to help meet the needs of any individual or company that is looking to evolve. She is clear and specific in her direction and pushes everyone she works with for excellence. She has helped me grow tremendously in my ability to reach out to clients, branding, and my overall confidence in what I do. When I started, I had no training in sales, and April taught me everything I need to know from initial cold calls, how to connect with others, and ultimately bring in business. She deeply understands the importance of all the details and helped to fine tune the language and imagery of our website, how we crafts e-mails, and our follow up as well as follow through. April is incredibly innovative in her marketing strategy. She came up with a really unique and original fundraiser that brought together artists, musicians, and a non-profit organization to create a very powerful and experience that had impact. Her creative energy knows no bounds and is a part of what makes her coaching so diverse and unique. She custom tailors her coaching style to the individual’s needs.
I found my experience working with April to be invaluable and highly recommend her to anyone who wants to take their company to the next level.”


“April is a great business ally who has lent her diverse work experience and people skills to preparing me and our company for its next level of success. April has improved the way our company communicates between our different offices, helping us strengthen our employee relations and showing us the path to operating as a more cohesive team. In a short period of time, she was able to understand who we are as people, what makes us tick, and what opportunities we each had to reach our full potential – developing individuals in order to better develop the company as a whole. In addition to being a great communicator, April has a talent for relating to people and lending her suggestions in a style that makes sense to her audience. Any business leader willing to listen and embrace improvement will see quick results from their relationship with April. It’s been a pleasure working with her and I know I’ll carry these insights with me throughout my career and beyond. She’s been a great inspiration and teacher.”


“When I took over my company I was interested in hiring an outside business consultant to keep me on track with hitting big-picture milestones. As an owner, I felt it was important to have an outside system of checks and balances and what I love about working with April is that she’s very focused and detail oriented, but doesn’t get hung up on the meaningless minutia. She puts our ideas into action and figures out the best means of carrying them out effectively and in a timely manner. Through her commitment to me and my company she’s found a way for us to execute many of our larger initiatives and made sure they didn’t get lost or delayed among our day-to-day responsibilities. She brings a great energy into our company I would highly recommend April to any one and I couldn’t be more pleased with where we’re at today! ”