Leadership, Management, Communication, Change Management, Emotional Intelligence, Executive, HR, Strategy, Rising Star/High Potential employees


Victoria, BC



Blair is an ICF certified Executive, Career and Life Coach and Chartered Professional in Human Resources who specializes in working with new workforce leaders, mid-level managers and rising star individual contributors across North America, primarily in Fortune 500 companies. If you are seeking to gain critical leadership skills, drive accountability and empower your employees, successfully have difficult conversations, navigate your career or break down barriers, then Blair has you covered.


After working with Blair you can expect to walk away from sessions with a renewed sense of clarity and a clear plan of action for moving forward to achieve your goals or resolve your issues. You will absolutely feel more confident in your abilities and will develop the skills necessary to truly thrive in your role and career as you move forward.


Blair has a corporate background in Human Resources, working in a generalist capacity as an HR Director, Consultant and Advisor in both the public and private sectors. His corporate behind-the-scenes experience in HR is something his clients find invaluable!



“Blair has been a critical component to my success in transitioning into my current managerial position. Blair’s guidance, insight, and support was invaluable as I navigated some challenging situations, and working with him has improved my effectiveness as a supervisor. He provided consistent encouragement and thoughtful responses that enabled me to communicate appropriately and become more confident as I learned my new role. Although there were times I felt overwhelmed with the tasks I faced, Blair kept me motivated to stay on track and guided me through to completion. Blair is easy to talk to and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him as a coach!”



“The opportunity to work with Blair has had an immediate impact on my ability to become aware of areas of myself and my role as a manager that I have always sought to explore. Blair effortlessly creates a comfortable and confidential space that has allowed me to talk through issues I am experiencing, as well as, developing strategies to take them on. Blair’s guidance has had a direct impact on my overall confidence and has already produced tangible results in my work. I am grateful for the coaching that I have received and would highly recommend Blair to anyone that wants to pursue a better level of awareness and engagement with their career!”



“I can’t begin to describe how being coached has changed my life. Prior to working with Blair, I just had a dream that was taking up space in my head. I had a longing, a wanting, and by my standards, it was something intangible. With my very first coaching session, he was able to help me gain clarity around what I wanted to accomplish with my business Women’s Guide to Sanity, and take the first step into making it a reality. Today, I am growing my business and continue to reach new limits all because he helped me see that my only barrier is myself. Being coached has helped me define who I am as an entrepreneur and what my purpose is in life. I can easily say that today, I am a completely different women that exudes confidence, all because we established tools that I can utilize to get me passed the anxiety of the unknown. I have made the decision to make coaching a business expense because working with Blair has helped me turn my passion into a career and establish a sense of female community in my surrounding area. He will say that “This is all you”, and yes, it was all me, however, without him bringing clarity in moments where I could not see, I wouldn’t be where I am at today.”