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Columbus, OH

We all have had times in our careers when your leadership/management ask you to work on something that you have never done before. It could be to head up a project, design a process, solve a problem, make a decision, or influence leadership and break down barriers to change. What if you feel you have earned a promotion, but management feels differently. What do you do?

I have been in these situations at times throughout my career, so you’re not alone! And, for me to have the opportunity to coach an individual to grow, eliminate the fear of failure, to be bold and harness sustainable transformation for a better you — is very rewarding!

In my career I’ve accomplished many things as a Sr. Global Human Resources Business Leader including working in two other areas of business before transitioning to HR. And, when I’m asked “How do I know that you’ve accomplished so much in your career?” my response is always “It’s my leadership style. I simply care about the growth and development of others.” Yes, my business and HR knowledge plays an important part, however, my goal is and has always been to help individuals choose “GREATNESS”! I’m committed to engaging with others to achieve their desired outcomes to create their future.

“I reported to Carmen for two years as a direct report and consultant. Her extraordinary leadership, passion and guidance transformed not only our team and our ability to deliver top notch results, but she also helped us grow and develop. Carmen is now my friend and mentor. I can rely on Carmen’s knowledge, creative and strategic thinking skills whenever I need help with a challenge. Carmen is a true asset to any organization and team fortunate enough to work with her.”


“Carmen has been an amazing resource for me during my job transition. She provided coaching and advised me on ways to present myself and my capabilities early on in the interview process that helped me land my new job. After 90 days, when I needed to have an important renegotiation, Carmen provided a framework and we discussed talking points that enabled me to have the tough conversation that landed me the increase in salary and flexibility I needed. She is a great listener, adviser, supporter and negotiator. With such a diverse and extensive Human Resources background, she understands how employers look at employees and situations, and can advise on the best approach to achieve the desired outcome. Carmen never made me feel less of a person or professional which is what true leaders should do. Instead, she help me grow by recognizing my worth and most importantly that my voice matters. Carmen is unlike any HR professional or leader I know, she really cares to make a difference.”


“Carmen is exceptional! I reached out to her because I simply wanted more in my career. Her leadership and caring coaching style motivated me to step outside the box—-she pushed and challenged me to choose to be great if I wanted more. Her approach is beyond the expertise she provided for building my resume and career exercises. Carmen helped me find a stronger voice of confidence and as a result I was promoted within my company. Are coaching sessions have ended, but I know I can reach out to her anytime. I’m very grateful for that and all she has done for me!”