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Winston-Salem, NC

Hi, I’m Coleen, a Certified Executive/ Leadership Coach and you have come to the right place for professional and accredited coaching. Are you ready to clarify your goals, create a path forward and overcome obstacles in the way?

What brings you here? Do you want…

  • To grow as a leader?
  • To increase your team’s performance, cohesiveness and/or accountability?
  • Help with transitioning to a new leadership position?
  • Acceleration of your career trajectory?
  • To identify your innate gifts/talents and leverage those for more fulfillment in your work and/or personal life?
  • Help with navigating your organization’s politics?
  • Help with focus among competing priorities and achieving balance ?
  • To strengthen your executive presence?
  • Increased capacity to influence teams and your organization?
  • Your best self to show up at work?

Professionals who have worked with me become more aware of their greatness and how to transform their potential to performance and fulfillment.

Let’s talk and get you on the path to live the life that you would want lived if you had a chance to look back!

“Coaching with Coleen has been life altering. Her framework has helped me understand my inner drivers, to harness them and apply them accordingly to reach my full potential. I approached her in June of 2018 seeking a customized learning experience to develop myself, with the goal of serving my team and company with effective methods, but with an authentic me. Through her insightful and structured process, Coleen gave me the gift of more confidence, knowledge, and tools that enhanced my leadership and connections with the people around me. My path became clear and with her direction, I was able to deliver a strong message about the culture of my company. In turn, this paved the way to make the necessary changes our company needed through a time of major change and growth. The tone of positivity and advancements became incredibly apparent throughout our organization. It resulted in ownership publicly recognizing my accomplishments at our corporate event in December 2018. This and much more I owe to Coleen McCray.”


“Recently, a colleague reached a point in his career where he questioned what direction he wanted to take next, and how he would approach it. Having been through that myself, I said “you need a coach, and I can recommend a very good one.” I continue to be thankful for Coleen and the good work that we did together. Coleen gave me the space I needed to think clearly, asked questions that challenged me to find my personal values and priorities, and provided some helpful mental guard rails so I didn’t spin out on my own. I especially appreciated her ability to talk at abstract, big picture level yet also discuss very practical matters and logistics. She was endlessly flexible, partnering with me whether I was having a right-brain day or a left-brain day. In my past, after working with such a capable partner, I would have felt invincible only so long as that teacher, coach or superior was working with me. I feel the true test of the value of our work together is that the paradigm, the vision, the process I am pursuing is uniquely mine and I have faith in it regardless of external circumstances. I cannot put a value on the peace and purpose that I continue to enjoy as a result of Coleen’s coaching.”


“Having Coleen as a leader and coach was highly impactful to my career and growth. She was adept at understanding the intent of my interactions and provided coaching during and after scenarios toward better outcomes. Specifically, she was able to help me see behaviors and interactions that were counter-productive, and to coach me to improve those interactions to enable better relationships and trust. She enabled me to recognize, that while I was technically proficient at my job, interactions and relationships could ultimately drive success or failure. I found that the amount of work that can get done between partners that have a foundation of trust is amazing! Over years of coaching, I was able to develop into someone that others view as a leader and mentor; particularly, I have been often recognized in my work for ability to build relationships and am now mentoring others. Also, by building my emotional intelligence and communication skills, my technical acumen is able to be better recognized, as I am able to facilitate better results and my career growth and confidence in my role is demonstrative proof.”