Stamford, CT; White Plains, NY; New York, NY


Career Progression and/or Transition, Leadership Development, Communication/Presentation Skills, Executive Leadership & Strategy, Career Readiness, Human Resources, Supervising and Leading People, Equity, Diversity, Cultural Competency & Inclusion



Hello, Buenos Dias, Guten Tag, Bom Día, Ete Sen.  You are seeking to be your best self, wanting to reach the next level in your career or working through some other concerns: I am here fully to help you.  I provide a supportive, ethical, safe space where I help you maximize your potential.


What: My “sweet spot” is helping you uncover your Ikigai (passion),  work successfully on the journey that is uniquely yours, and understanding how to build on what you already have to obtain success, as defined by you.


Why: Coaching senior leaders, mid-level managers, employees and students provide me with the opportunity to impact people and organizations in a real meaningful way; I help shift personal trajectories and positively impact balance sheets.


How:  Prior work experience includes business owner/entrepreneur, and  $1.5 million to 200 billion organizations, such as Pepsi-Cola, Ford Motor Company, Dress for Success Worldwide, Bovis Lend Lease, NFP Insurance Brokerage & Consulting, and Department of Homeland Security as well as smaller not-for-profits.


Who: A native of Little Rock, AR now residing with my husband in Danbury, CT; we are involved in multiple business ventures, and ministry endeavors.  My mantra is “getting you where you need to be” and I will be present for you.




I have a BA in Organizational Communication with minors in Management and Supervision from Purdue University, a Master of Science in Human Resource Management from the UCONN School of Business and a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace certificate from the University of Florida.  As a learning and development specialist and guest speaker, I have stood before audiences of 10 to 350 people.  You will have the benefit of my over 20 years in human resources, operations, and sales and marketing experience- I understand.


Thank you for agreeing to collaborate with me on your success. I am eager to partner with you to explore your challenges and obstacles in a thought-provoking, creative, science-based framework.  We will celebrate your wins and use them as momentum on your journey to success (as defined by you).    If you are seeking guidance on becoming more strategic, how to position yourself for a promotion, or navigating projects or business relationships, I can provide you with strategic frameworks, what it is and isn’t,  provide individualized career coaching, help you build your relationship management skills and other foundational competencies.

“I met Deirdre while volunteering at Streetwise Partners. She was the keynote speaker at their awards ceremony. After hearing her speak for 5 minutes I was immediately impressed by her passion for what she did and her natural ability to motivate others. This was further proven when I reached out to her recently for professional consulting. Her quick response, knowledge of her field and excellent listening skills make her a stellar hr professional!”


“Deirdre is one of the best HR people I have EVER wo