Entrepreneurship, Executive, Leadership, Product, Software, Startups, Teamwork, Technology

Columbus, OH

Derek has worked across a range of roles in various technology companies over the last 20 years, starting as a junior engineer and more recently serving as founding CTO of San Diego-based CoachLogix and acting CTO of Denver-based Craft710. Although he spends most of his time these days building high-performance engineering culture and product strategy, he is no stranger to diving into code or design and getting his hands dirty alongside his team members.

Through his work over the last 5 years, in particular, he has witnessed first hand how important of a role transparency, trust and strong relationships play in building and maintaining world class companies.

In addition to recently becoming a father, Derek is currently co-founder/CEO of BehaviorCloud, an early-stage, NIH-backed company providing cloud-based tools for life science research, as well as Talio Technology, a San Francisco-based engineering education provider serving leading Silicon Valley brands including WalmartLabs.

“Derek was a great help to me in the field of technology start ups. He provided some good advice to me as an aspiring entrepreneur.”