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Los Angeles, CA



  • -Do you want to learn new skills and perspectives to be a better leader and/or manager?


  • -Are you looking to enhance your executive presence (improved communication style/impact, influence & relationships and a more powerful brand)?


  • -Is your workload overwhelming and you would like to find tools to better manage both the work and your time as well as your own well-being?


Meet Ellen, J.D., CPCC, PCC! She is a certified and experienced executive coach, consultant and attorney/executive with over 10 years’ experience and expertise in developing and motivating corporate executives and attorneys across many industries and roles to enhance their productivity and effectiveness, build leadership skills and cultivate wellbeing using scientific/neuroscience based coaching programs and stress management tools designed for the busy professional. She incorporates emotional intelligence skills and wellbeing modalities as powerful tools to enhance leadership, build resiliency and improve ROI in the workplace. Clients who work with Ellen gain greater self-knowledge and create goals, actions plans & strategic visions to become more effective and successful in their career and personal lives.


With over 20 years’ experience as an Attorney/Corporate Executive for international blue chip companies including Disney, Sony, Fox, Microsoft and Viacom, Ellen has experience as a solutions-driven negotiator who handled complex/high end deals and was responsible for leading/managing/developing junior executives. Because of this unique background, she can relate to her clients’ maneuver the dynamics of corporate culture, enhance their influence so they can be seen as strategic partners, build their department’s and personal brand to better serve their own clients and cultivate powerful relationships that can help them navigate through the dynamics of corporate politics.


Ellen is an enhanced practitioner in Conversational Intelligence (CIQ) which is about the science of communication and how our interpersonal relationships an communication styles impact neurochemistries of ourselves and others. Additionally, she has studied the neuroscience of stress and its impact on performance, leadership, team building, and interpersonal relationships and her programs incorporate this knowledge. A result, she has many resources to offer her clients to deepen their own knowledge, develop new skills and explore new behaviors and habits to excel and achieve aspirations and dreams in both within their professional and personal lives. Additionally, she has spent a lot of time studying and understanding the neuroscience of stress (“fight or flight”) and how to shift to a more productive state of mind into the executive functioning of the brain to be a more effective decision maker, have greater presence, and higher performance by reducing  stress.  Lower stress will increase productivity and improving productivity skills will lower stress.


Ellen has coached SVPs, EVPs, VPs and GCs at wide variety of law firms and companies including such companies Latham & Watkins, City National Bank, Imax, Kaiser Permanente, CapGemini, L’Oréal, BSCI, BMI, UniteHere Health and DreamWorks as well as in the public health sector including LA County Heath and The Wellness Center.


  • -PCC accreditation (650+ coaching hours) with International Coach Federation (ICF)


  • -Lead of ICFLA’s special interest group on Neuroscience.


  • -Over 750 hours of advanced training in executive coaching including, Enhanced Practitioner in Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ), in Certification for Coach Master Toolkit Framework, Practitioner in Assessing ROI, WBECS 2012. 2014, 2007, Talent Development, Executive Presence, Change Management, Career Transition, Meeting Facilitation and Employee Engagement/Assimilation Change. DiSC facilitator, Hogan Assessment (Jan 2020), LEA 360, Profilor as well as others.


  • -Creator/Presenter: CA Bar MCLE module “Maintaining Competency, Sustaining Wellbeing:  Identification and Detection of Stress & Burnout” fulfilling the Competency Credit.


  • -Public speaking engagements/workshops as part of “Get A New Perspective” series: “Finding Balance in an Unbalanced World”, “Putting Ideas into Action”;  “Finding Your Passion for Fitness”; “Antidote to Stress: Finding control & developing resiliency” and “Managing Change/Assessing Impact/Building Resiliency”


  • -Scheduled to present her original workshop “Boost you reputation: Enhance your influence, Build your Brand & Cultivate your powerbase” to the Women’s Law Summit in February 2020.


She obtained a double B.A. in Philosophy and French Literature & Language from Brandeis University and her J.D. from Emory University School of Law. Ellen is also a certified yoga (Vinyassa & Yin) and meditation/breathwork teacher and uses this knowledge as part of her stress management programs.



“I cannot recommend Ellen enough for being instrumental in assisting me with my professional outlook and perspective. Ellen took me out of a ‘rut’ and placed my thoughts and self -esteem back onto a healthy, strong track. Ellen worked with me patiently and helped me realize things about myself that I had either lost, forgotten, or maybe had not seen. If you are looking for an extraordinary person to help you, spiritually, mentally even physically – I highly recommend her!”



“Ellen was my coach to help me when I was at a crossroads in my career, dealing with a business related situation. Her coaching could help me gain greater perspective, and she always gave me the best guidance and inspiration when I needed it most! She also recommended relevant books to help me think through whatever issue I was dealing with. I strongly recommend Ellen as a professional/executive coach and would encourage anyone to work with her who is looking to enhance their potential.”



“If you are interested in change and making progress, Ellen is a coach to work with. She focuses on helping you assess your situation and your goals in a deeply meaningful way with her powerful questions. Her style is both challenging and compassionate so you never feel alone on your journey but supported. She has a wealth of knowledge and is always willing to share resources. My goals and steps have been made clearer with her help. I highly recommend Ellen as your coach!”