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New York, New York

Evangelia is a coach, trainer, and facilitator with 15+ years of people operations, working closely with executives and senior management at fast-growing companies.

Since 2005, she’s helped over 15,000 professionals and companies build dream careers. Finding career fulfillment could feel painful and soul-sucking process, so she’s vowed to make it purposeful, productive and fun.

Evangelia has a knack for asking soulful questions, and inspiring people to take action by leveraging systems and resources that drive results and build relationships. Most of all, she provides a custom-tailored approach to help you GROW through change and build your dream career.

Fun-Fact: Earlier in her career, she had a stint doing door-to-door sales at tech companies in Silicon Valley. Her and the other “foot soldiers” reached the folks at Facebook at a time when they were just getting started and working out of their apartment in Palo Alto.

“Evangelia knew what my issues were and how to play to my strengths. She helped me set up a clear plan that focused on the big-impact things I could do right away to move forward. I really appreciated that her plan created accountability, and had just the right amount of “push” without feeling like more overwhelm. Now, I feel more secure in my abilities and my career track and – more importantly, am able to execute on my plans without the self-doubt that was bothering me before. Evangelia is perceptive and kind, but also process-driven and no-nonsense. In particular, she was great at distilling down the principles of what I needed into tactical advice.”


“I resisted working with a coach for quite awhile because I was afraid I’d get a coach who was either too fact-based or too mushy. I wanted someone who would provide some insight, new ideas, and challenge my faulty perceptions. Evangelia did that so well! She was the perfect sweet spot between strategy and insight. She helped me prioritize, gave me practical tools and processes to help me focus and be productive, reframed some unhelpful self-concepts, and shifted my perspective from focusing on fear to seeing my career as an adventure.”