Communication, Executive, Strategy, Leadership, Management

New York, NY



Gina’s coaching practice focuses on guiding managers and professionals in a number of different industries including healthcare, financial services, technology and education through complex transformations of people, process and technology. She is passionate about helping her clients to skill-up to today’s challenges and build effective organizations and teams.



In her personal career she moved through the ranks of several companies and industries and spent the last 3 decades in COO roles both in education, financial services and technology. Gina develops and deepens leadership skills using an intuitive approach combined with multiple coaching modalities and current management methodologies.  She gives professionals the space to unpack their thoughts, cutting through the noise to identify the root cause of what is holding them back. Team leaders can draw on Gina’s decades of experience in climbing the corporate ladder, transformation organizations and teaching in Masters programs in Management at NYU and Pacific College of Health and Science.



By pinpointing problems and offering solutions with impact, Gina supports her clients as they lead their teams through periods of significant change. Her clients become the leaders people are inspired by and want to work with. Her effectiveness as a coach lies in helping people to learn and leverage soft skills including complex problem solving, conflict resolution, negotiation, and how to operate from an empathy mindset.



In addition to her coaching practice, Gina is also a founding member of the team of ODE Holdings, Inc. an Open Data Economy startup disrupting the consumer data chain.  Gina Collaborates with Fortune 500 companies, creative businesses, and social impact organizations; some past and present clients include Pinterest, Casper, Unisys, PCHS, EmpirxHealth, Prudential, AFLAC, Bridgewater Associates, Behavioral Insights Team, Priceline, and Microsoft, . Gina is currently working with C-Suite and senior leaders in mid to early stage startups.  Her clients describe her as passionate, inspirational, candid, and warm.



Gina is a graduate of the Coach Academy International program and the Andrew Neitlich Coaching Leadership programs at WBECS and is also certified in Hogan Assessments, the GENOS Leadership Model for Emotional Intelligence, and TruScore 360s.



In addition to frequent travel to around the globe, Gina loves all things chocolate and spicy, and is a sports car aficionado having owned some of the most fun cars to drive including the 911 Porsche Carerra. She has a Wharton MBA and lots of great experience to support you to manifest a powerful future.



“Gina’s helped me in more ways than I can count – as a client of hers, she’s helped me effectively scale my business, manage day-to-day pressures so much better and focus on understanding my value. I’ve very much enjoyed my engagement with Gina as after each engagement, I see notable changes in my way of thinking and execution.”



“Gina has served as a professional coach for me. I am very pleased with her ability to help me through several complex strategic business issues in a constructive and very supportive way. Her calm, reasoned, supportive approach has provided me with invaluable assistance. I would recommend her without hesitation for professional coaching.”



“I have an on-going relationship with Gina because she has helped me create a culture of execution and teamwork aligning the mission, values, and goals to individual OKRs. We get more done because we’ve learned the power of three and the value of completion. Discipline freed us up to be more creative and less reactive.”