Leadership, Mindfulness, Career Advancement, Communication, Change Management, Career Readiness, Management, HR.


New York/Long Island, NY


Certified Coach



My goal is to inspire more peace, joy, success and fulfillment in your life.


Gretchen is a veteran HR leader who has spent her career advising leaders, employees and individuals on how to navigate their circumstances and reach their full potential. Her experience spans direct HR leadership (AIG & Omnicom), HR consulting (multiple industries), motivational speaking and personal, business & fitness coaching.   She has diverse business and personal experiences which has given her a wide-angle perspective.  With this, she can relate to you and your circumstances…leading to more success for you!


Gretchen looks forward to partnering with you to grow your career, identify & maximize your potential, navigate relationships, improve communication, gain leadership skills, and approach situations with your desired result and awareness of other’s perspectives in order to be incredibly successful in all areas of your job (and life!)


Gretchen approaches each client objectively to discover what is important to you and will then work with you to establish strategies for getting what you want. She will help you realize that you have choice in how you want to grow or manage your career and how you want to live your life.  She will partner with you to see things differently and identify & move past obstacles & limiting beliefs.


She will challenge you to dig deep.  She will inspire you to create awareness and take action. She will encourage you to celebrate your accomplishments, appreciate what you bring to this world and believe that you are worthy of all you desire.


Gretchen is a positive, energetic motivator who prides herself on living what she coaches every day.  Dedicated to her own growth and improvement, she has worked through her own personal and professional struggles, and looks forward to helping you work through yours to be the best YOU you can be.  Learn more about her at


Take Steps every day in the direction of the life you want to live.



“Gretchen is one of those rare professionals in consulting. She is genuinely eager to learn about your area of business, background, short and long terms goals/needs and provides high impact partnership. What makes her special is her passion, willingness to go the extra mile to deliver results and her authenticity.”



“I came into my work with Gretchen as a “newbie” to coaching…Gretchen exceeded any expectations that I had.  The way that Gretchen challenged me on how I viewed certain situations was one of the most beneficial things from our time together. She helped me pivot my thinking to take a more holistic view and cut out “the noise”.   When I was struggling with handling certain challenges that office/career life throws at you, having the opportunity to work with somebody who has experience in HR, was a huge benefit. I’d come to our sessions with areas I wanted to talk through and focus on, and I’d walk out feeling confident and ready to take on whatever came my way.  With her guidance, I was able to successfully navigate the promotion & salary track and achieve the career goals that I’d laid out when we first started our work together. I certainly don’t think I would have been able to do that as well, if not for my work with her!”



“Gretchen changed my way of viewing my life goals!  We discussed what I really wanted and then what I was doing to get to the goals.  At one session, we realized that I was looking for something that was not really in line with what my passion and my goals really were.  After that session, my outlook changed and a position, more in line with what I really wanted to do came up, and I got the position.  This has now allowed me to re-focus and re-motivate building my business!  Thanks Gretchen, you helped me to see through my fog!  I am now excited and so thankful to you!”