Product Management, Entrepreneurship, Business Strategy, Work-Life Balance

New York, New York

As Group Product Owner at Shutterstock, Holly successfully made the evidence-based case to shutdown Skillfeed, an internally launched startup in the online education space. Next she led the launch of Shutterstock Editor from prototype to successful public beta in 3 months, generating praise from the target users who loved that it saved them time. From there she developed an evidence-based product strategy and a resource plan to scale the team 3X. By the end of Shutterstock Editor’s first year, the team had earned a reputation for continually delivering valuable improvements and product usage had grown 10X from its first month.

Over the course of Holly’s decade in NYC tech, she has worked on over a dozen new product launches. In 2017, Holly founded H2R Product Science, a training and consulting company so that she could help more startup founders, product managers, designers, and engineers find growth opportunities and develop evidence-based strategies for successful product launches.

“I worked with Holly on bringing a large enterprise web product to market, and the job could not have been completed without Holly’s leadership as the product owner. Holly is the rare product leader who is the complete package: empathetic to users, effective and fun for designers and engineers to work with, and trusted by executives to deliver on strategic KPIs and maintain transparency from concept to launch. I give Holly my most enthusiastic recommendation.”