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Toronto, ON



After working with Jon, you will be living a more meaningful life, your business or career will have stepped up several gears and you will be a source of inspiration for those around you.


Jon is an executive coach, serial entrepreneur, author and speaker. He has worked with Presidents and Prime Ministers, Fortune 500 Executives, Entrepreneurs and Managers – all with the same focus and passion: helping people create more impact and live meaningful lives.


He has two decades of experience in over 60 countries and a coaching style that is engaging, powerful and sometimes unconventional.


Sometimes called the British Tony Robbins, Jon will see what is in your blindspot and will call you on your BS so you can unlock the power of your purpose, accelerate your career or business and live a more meaningful life as fast as possible.


When Jon isn’t coaching, you can find him with his family around a campfire with a glass of wine and a guitar.



“When you work with Jon you get more than just coaching. It’s not just the power of his questions, it’s the knowledge to be able to call you out on the answers. There’s nothing that I could throw at Jon that would phase him – his business acumen, knowledge of metrics and markets means that he brings huge value to C-suite leaders.”



Jon helped provide clarity as the business was pivoting and changing its direction. Through challenging and stressful times, he helped me focus on what really mattered. Jon listens, understands and makes a difference. He has truly changed my perspective and helped take my leadership to the next level.”



“I was hooked right from my first call with Jon! He helped me look at challenges at work as opportunities to improve my leadership skills. Since I’ve been working with Jon, I’ve developed some of the most strongest relationships in my life and my team has become extremely effective. I’ve received a fair amount of coaching in my life, this is by far the most impressive experience I’ve ever had.”