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New York, NY


15+ years ago, Karen made a career change from theatre to HR and never looked back!  She found her passion in helping individuals find success in their careers while helping organizations build amazing cultures.  Through one-on-one coaching, she has helped people change career directions, find a new passion, develop a skill where there was a gap, work through changes that are happening at their organizations, prepare for feedback conversations, take a step into management, and identify and develop their leadership style.  While she is certified in many different coaching tools (from MBTI & DiSC Behavioral Profiles to Lominger & Korn/Ferry Development tools), Karen approaches every coaching partnership uniquely and focuses on what will work best for that specific individual.


Currently, Karen serves as the VP of People at Ordergroove, where she is building the people strategy and focuses on maintaining a strong culture during the growth stage of the company, including winning it’s first Best Companies to Work in New York!  She partners with the leadership team to coach them on building, scaling and managing their teams as well as individual team members on their career goals and what motivates them on a daily basis. Recently, Karen was named one of the 2020 Notable Women in Talent by Crain’s New York Business. Karen has been asked to speak on several panels, podcasts and serve as a guest writer on change fatigue, bringing a company’s values to life, scaling culture without sounding like “HR” and overall talent development. Her book, “Setting the Stage: A Guide to Preparing for Feedback Conversations” is available on Amazon.  She lives in NYC with her husband of almost 20 years and her furry babies.





“When I first became a leader everything felt supersized. I was dwarfed and consumed by the day-to-day challenges of being a leader. They all felt bigger and more demanding than I thought I could handle. I had Karen on speed dial those days. Her perspective allowed me to right size my priorities. Her coaching empowered me tackle them with grace and precision. Karen played one of the biggest roles in shaping who I am as a leader today.”



“I was fortunate to work both with and for Karen a few years ago. Karen has been instrumental to my success as an HR Professional by helping develop my strengths and improve my weaknesses. She created an environment that was transparent and collaborative. As a mentor to me she helped me identify my career path. Most importantly, she was always patient, supportive and thoughtful in the ways she coached me. I’m very thankful I had the opportunity to work with her.”



Karen can make what feels like an insurmountable human resources dilemma seem easy. Her passion for people management and depth of knowledge in the area of human resources shines through. She is my to-go person when faced with complex HR problems. She is able to ask searching questions to get the bottom of the issue and find solutions that will work both for my company and for my management style.”