Communication, Entrepreneurship, Management, Mindfulness, Leadership, Teamwork, Spiritual

Colorado Springs, CO

Kath combines her professional engineering background and coaching certification with her life experiences. She knows adversity is an opportunity for us to learn and evolve into a better person. She coaches her clients to increase their effectiveness at being who they are and doing what they can do. Kath believes struggle is overrated and knows that when we listen to and trust our internal wisdom our life begins to flow.

Prior to coaching Kath worked in IT. Over her 20 year career in program and software management she received many awards and recognition for her ability to pull together a diverse group of individuals and focus them into working towards one common goal.

Kath received her coach training and Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) certification from CTI. She continues to challenge herself and expand her coaching skills with additional trainings: Abundance Intelligent Level II certification by The Abundance Institute, Spiritual Junkie Masterclass by Gabrielle Bernstein, and The Art of Goal Creation by Bob Proctor.

“Kath has a special ability to combine listening and intuition that really honed in on what I needed during our work together. She was able to hear, and help me connect to the unique voice inside me that was getting drowned out by all the need to’s, should do’s, and could have’s.”


“Kath listens deeply and intuitively and hears what I was saying beyond the words spoken. She was actually an odd choice for me because I’m very logical, concrete (I’m a software engineer), but something about Kath seemed right. She helped me see me for who I really am, not who I imagine I am and much to my shock, they were quite different. I had a story in my head of who I am that simply wasn’t true. And resolving that difference has made a huge difference in my life.”