Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Entrepreneurship, Executive, HR, Leadership, Management, Marketing, Mindfulness


New York, New York; Southern, CT



Lara is a leadership coach who works with CEOs, high potential managers and business owners to help them enhance client service, empower team members and expand business development initiatives. She previously worked in the PR/communications sector serving major brands across healthcare, professional services and financial services.


Most of Lara’s clients work in fast-paced, high demand and strictly regulated industries and therefore seek to maintain a healthy work-life balance, as well as optimal on-the-job focus. Professionals across Financial Services, Pharma, Digital Media, Marketing/PR, Technology and HR benefit from collaborating with Lara by gaining sharper clarity around their ultimate goals, carving out clearer paths to get them there and developing tools to navigate the blocks that hold them back. They report increased self-confidence that helps them push past their comfort zones, sharpened leadership skills that result in higher team utilization and a greater capacity to identify and create meaningful opportunities.


Through workshops and one-on-one coaching engagements, Lara’s clients commonly note her calm and positive demeanor and her balance of patience, respectful curiosity and skilled tenacity at getting to the heart of an issue. Clients leave with a feeling of unlocked energy and passion, sharpened presentation skills and renewed commitment to leading with purpose, resilience and emotional intelligence.


Lara has facilitated coaching engagements and workshops and presented to audiences within the following organizations:


  • Alliance for Comprehensive Planners
  • BMW
  • Columbia Business School
  • Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs
  • Daily Beast
  • Investopedia
  • Northwestern University Alumni Career Services
  • Pace University
  • Pandora
  • She Leads
  • Verizon


Lara graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a BA in communications. She earned certification as a Certified Professional Coach from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), an ICF accredited coach-training institute. Lara is certified to administer the Energy Leadership Index assessment, an attitudinal leadership assessment tool, and she earned the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential through the International Coach Federation.



“Lara is calm, patient and purposeful. She manages to push me past my comfort zone, particularly at times when certain “go-to” traits might trip me up or hold me back from progress. Her insightful questions and follow-up help to keep me moving forward, ensuring I remain results-oriented and pushing for the end game. Using insights from our various sessions, Lara has been able to “paint” a picture of me, helping me to stay mindful of potential blocks and holding me accountable to what I set out to accomplish”



“Lara’s leadership workshop series was highly empowering; the very first session had immediate impact for me. The communication exercises that trained us to have more focused and engaged conversations with clients and team members deeply resonated with me and have made me a stronger leader, manager and colleague…Lara’s calm and positive attitude really help to relax everyone in the room. She seems to always know the right question to ask to get me thinking beyond where I am. Some of her questions linger long after our coaching sessions and crop up again when I’d least expect it…What a valuable experience!”



“As an executive, I spend a tremendous amount of time thinking about whether I have the right team in place. I elicited Lara’s help, and while I started the conversation undecided about whether or not I had a people problem or a process issue, it became very clear, very quickly that I had a serious personnel issue. Lara was excellent at helping me to get to the heart of my business problem through a patient, yet tenacious series of questions, without allowing me to escape with half-answers or ‘I don’t knows.’ The result of our sessions was immediate and highly impactful. I was able to correct my personnel issue by having an open and honest dialogue with my team. I would have never been able to reach this point- and certainly not as quickly or painlessly, without Lara’s coaching and insight.”