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Norwalk, CT

Laura has extensive experience working in highly matrixed corporate environments. Her depth of knowledge spans several areas of Human Resources, including Learning, Leadership Development, Talent Management, Talent Acquisition, and Diversity.

She has a business management background using Waterfall and Agile Design methods. Most recently she completed a certification in Integrative Wellness. (A topic that is currently trending #1 in corporations as a differentiator to attract and retain talent.)

Laura is a trusted coach who is an active and curious listener. She believes in authenticity, inclusion, and wellbeing for both individuals and organizations.

She has a successful track record in designing and implementing programs and strategies that develop talent, strengthen leadership effectiveness, improve retention, and enhance employee engagement.

She specializes in helping clients prepare for leadership opportunities by learning how to grow from setbacks or failures, focusing on strengths, and the power of positive psychology.

She offers programs that include 1-1 consultations, group coaching sessions, and onsite workshops.
All of her programs are customizable to address individual or group needs.

Laura is a certified coach with a passion for empowering early career and experienced leaders to achieve their personal and professional potential.

“In my entire professional career, Laura is by far the most talented person I ever met on talent management and career development. She knows how to coach and place the right people in the right strategic roles. She ran the most prestigious talent programs in IBM and, because of Laura the people that she managed are now leading and managing hyper growing strategic areas in the organization.”


“I had the great pleasure of working with Laura very closely for 3 years. She is honest, friendly and an extremely committed HR professional I have ever seen or came across. Always reachable irrespective of time zone differences. I admire her eye for detail with the complex programs she drove worldwide with multiple stakeholders at all levels, from executives to interns. I learned a lot during my association with her. Most importantly she is a wonderful human being and undoubtedly an asset to an organization. I must sincerely thank her for the time she spent with me towards my professional development.”


“Laura is a lovely professional coach who is perfect for the busy executive. She has a unique background in HR as well as personal wellness that is very relevant in today’s world. Laura has a very holistic approach.”