Leanne Wong

Executive Coaching, Entrepreneurship, and Stress Management/Mindfulness


New York, New York



Leanne Wong is a leadership and career coach with more than a decade of experience helping professionals align their personal and professional goals. Leanne specializes in conscious leadership for high growth technology companies, helping executives and founders navigate people and talent operations to build high performing teams. She provides expertise in team effectiveness, culture curation, and mindfulness. Leanne is trained in CTI’s world renowned Co-Active coaching and leadership model, Productivity through Steven Covey and Mindfulness through Gabrielle Bernstein. She coaches Cornell Tech MBA Students and is a member of the Forbes coaches council, regularly contributing to topics on leadership and the future of work.



“Career success is something I believe I’ve attained. Life success is something totally different. Working with Leanne to align these two together was great along with the tools and methodologies she used to address my life goals.”