Career Readiness, Entrepreneurship, Leadership

New York, New York

Malla is an experienced leadership development trainer and coach having designed and delivered programs with groups like Columbia University, Con Edison, and the New York City Department of Small Business Services.

Malla creates extremely interactive experiential learning environments, so that the attendees and coaching clients are highly engaged throughout the entire process. Ms.Malla is SPHR (Senior Practitioner of Human Resources) certified.

Malla has been recognized by the Mayor of New York City for her work as a mentor to entrepreneurs. She has won the NYC Small Business Award for entrepreneurship innovation. The New York Times did a full-page article on her work and said she “gets people thinking like an entrepreneur.” She has a degree from Columbia University and is the former Vice President of College Relations for the New York chapter of the National Board of African-American HR professionals. She specializes in teaching people how to tackle the big question marks in their life to get the most important answers needed to experience success.

“Malla is a fantastic coach! From the very first day of our 5 week program, she made us complete exercises that completely took me outside of my comfort zone and it was exactly what I needed! As entrepreneurs we usually spend so much time by ourselves and without knowing we start playing it safe. Well, Malla busted through the doors of my business, turned all the assumptions I had on their head and forced me to shift my attitude. The best part? Since working with her my sales have increased!! I’m so glad I met her and hope to continue working with her.”